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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Shortcut Keys in AX

Button Description:- Debugging

Stop Debugging (Shift +F5) Enables the Watch window.

Insert/Remove Breakpoint:-(F9) Inserts or clears a breakpoint.

Enable/DisableBreakpoint:-(Ctrl + F9) Enables or disables a breakpoint.

Remove all breakpoints:-(Ctrl + Shift + F9) Clears all breakpoints.

Step Over:-(F10)Steps to the next line of code in the current function/method.

Step Into (F11) Steps into the current line if it contains a function or method call.

Step Out (Shift + F11) Steps out of the current function or method.

Run to Pointer (Ctrl + F8) Continues execution until reaching the location of the pointer in the source window.


Button Description:-

New (Ctrl+ N) Creates a new job.

Save :- Saves the changes to the active method.

Go (F5):- Executes the class, form, or project.

Toggle Breakpoint (F9):- Turns breakpoints on and off.

Enable/Disable Breakpoint (Ctrl + F9):- Enables or disables a breakpoint.

Remove all breakpoints (Ctrl + Shift + F9):- Deletes all breakpoints from the method.

Compile (F7) :-Checks the code for errors, compiles the code,and saves it.

Lookup properties/methods (Ctrl + Space):- Helps you locate methods or properties.

Lookup label/text (Ctrl +Alt + Space):- Helps you find a label.

Run an Editor Script (Alt + M):- Helps you choose between a selection of scripts.

Help (F1):- Accesses X++ code editor window help.

(shift-F4):-check functions in code window .

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