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Friday, 19 December 2014

How to get DateNull in in ax 2012

One of my co new bie developer with the Dot net background had really hard time in figuring out the dateNull in x++ due to two reasons
  1. X++ does not have intellisense like Dot net which could help the newbie like my colleague
  2. The null value in  x++ debugger is shown as “Zero (0)”. So lots of new bie take the null value for date time as 0 and go in wrong direction
So i just thought to do a simple post on it. I know for a senior or the developer at mid level may find this simple and irrelevant to be posted at the blog, however i think this may help the new developer who are at the edge of starting new career in x++.
So here it goes
DateNull for the date can be checked by two ways
  1. Global::DateNull()
  2. or like this
    if (endDate != mkdate(1,1,1900)
The minimum value for the date in x++ is 1/1/1900 and max value is 12/31/2154
If you have utcDateTime here is how you can set dateNull and maximum value
todayDate = DateTimeUtil::minValue();
maximumDate =  DateTimeUtil::maxValue();
blankUtcDate = utcDateTimeNull();

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