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Monday, 14 November 2016

How to create entity relationship diagram (ERD) in AX 2012

Recently I have to generate a ER-diagram for specific list of tables in Dynamics Ax.  Dynamics Ax has built in feature.
Prerequisite of this article has Microsoft Visio.

Create a project for all tables which require in ER-diagram.
For this article I  created a new project with Name customer Address and drop CustTable and DirpartyTable in it.
In AOT or development workspace. Click on tools and reverse engineer menu .

4-1-2015 12-11-00 AM

Following form will open, Select location where file with ERX will be generated. Select your private or public projects.
4-1-2015 12-12-013
Click ok to generate it.

When file is generated, go on windows start up menu and open MS visio. Select database modeling Diagram Template.
4-1-2015 12-14-013

When Database Model diagram is open, From database menu=> Import=> Import Erwin ERX file…
load erx file generated in previous step. This menu is only available when you select Database diagram as template in Visio.
4-1-2015 12-15-44 AM
click on Browse.. button and load erx file.4-1-2015 12-17-52 AM

Click ok
A small dialog shows the import status
4-1-2015 12-18-19 AM
Next step you have to enable view for Tables, So you can select tables for ER-Diagram
Database=>View=> Tables and views
4-1-2015 12-18-57 AM
You will found following pane at left side of screen.
4-1-2015 12-19-20 AM
Click on required table to add it on page and it will show required tables with relationship.
4-1-2015 12-22-046

You can re-size these diagrams.